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She wants to invite us to let ourselves be carried away by the musical universe Picotero where you will hear musical genres ranging from tropical sounds, champeta, Creole therapy, cumbia, salsa, through funk and disco to the electronic fusion of organic and forceful sounds where world music and folklore will be mixed.

La Lvcha en Bermudas embodies an update of the Colombian soundsystem, incorporating new dance rhythms, new expressions of the Afro-descendant avant-garde expressions of the Afro descendant avant-garde and advanced sounds, but always peripheral to the Afro-Colombian tradition itself, without renouncing Afro-Colombian tradition without renouncing to the most representative sounds of the picotera culture.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the presence of feminine voices and characters in the session, vindicating the role of women in this picotera culture where the man dominates all its aspects and the woman who despite being a pioneer in this culture has been overshadowed and has not been and has not been given the recognition of her musical contribution to the community.

The picó is a concept of popular celebration that allows to
to bring the joy of music to any corner of the world.
the idea comes from the popular neighborhoods of the Caribbean coast of Caribbean coast of Colombia and in the midst of
these huge parties these musical machines that are built to
built to make raimundo and everyone else dance and thunder.
raimundo and everybody