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A story with many lives of learning, she has traveled 33 solar laps, in which she has played different personal, work and creative facets; Daughter, Sister, Friend, Publicist, Creator, Photographer, Yogini, Dj, Producer. Her control tower is located in Barcelona, but she loves to connect worlds and her adventurous spirit has given her amazing opportunities to share and learn from other cultures.

She started her career as a Dj in 2012 and in 2014 was when she released her first music video ¨feel for you¨ influenced by the neopsicodelia of the moment. Over the years he was finding new sounds and musical fusions that expanded at the time he experienced moving in the spring of 2014. With the inspiration to the surface he began to mix electronic sounds with world music, producing his first EP ¨Subrealidad¨ and co-producing with Sonikgroove through the label Gozalow the song ¨Lumbalu¨.

she always adds his differential mark that includes loads and downloads of folklore, mysticism and color, combining oriental beats, Latin American grooves or world tropical sounds to reflect a clear vision of the new rhythms that are born of the world.

Thanks to his adaptability he has had the opportunity to play at festivals in Spain such as DGTL, Rototom, International Dub Gathering, Brunch Electronik, Primavera Sound x WTFOC, White Summer, Pulpada Electronica, Festival las Americas, Visual Brasil, and at different parties around the world such as Fusion, Calentura fest (Germany), Balkan vs Cumbia (Portugal), El Elegante Pico (France), among others.

she has had the opportunity to share the stage with music greats such as Acid Pauli Blond:ish, Galletas Calientes, Tod Terje, Nico Stojan, Alicia Carrera, Edna Martinez, Cyberpunkers, Thomas Shumascher among others. He has also participated in the sound design of mapping for the llum Bcn festival, he has been in radio stations like Dub lab Radio, Radio chiguiro, open lab radio, electronic groove, In 2020 he did an artistic residency at Institute for X (Denmark) where he created a community radio called Public Affair. She currently works with feminist collectives such as femnoise, las pibas producen, among others.